SpamMinder, Inc is dedicated to providing an all-in-one solution in fighting the ever increasing spam flow and virus outbreaks. Studies have shown that spam hinders productivity of a businesses workflow. Our business is to terminate the ever increase flow of spam before it even reaches your company’s mail server.

– Protect up to 10 domains under one account!
– 7-day spam message quarantine for all protected mailboxes!

– Web-based Administrative and User Control Panel.
– Simple user configuration interface (try our live demo!)
– No software required, just a simple DNS change!
– Stop spam and viruses before it reaches your mailserver.
– Automated reporting system to keep you and your mail users informed.
– Failover, load-distributed server clusters to handle your incoming mail.
– Pricing is based on a per mailbox basis.
– Mail spooling , we hold your mail even if your mail server is down!