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O Ring Seal, A Good Parts To Use

Maybe you’ve met countless O-rings in your lifetime. From cars to cameras, these doughnut shaped parts will soon be forgotten, but they will always be useful. They may be one of the biggest revolutions in mechanical engineering to date, enabling us to develop new machines, better products and safer working environments. So, what are O-rings for? Why are they so popular? Let’s see.

Uses of O ring seals

  • rings are used to block channels that may cause liquid or gas to escape. Place the O-ring in the groove, hold it in place, and compress between the two surfaces. There is no space for the gap or passage of the gas ring to be squeezed. When the system is under pressure, the O-ring is squeezed to the other side of the groove to keep a perfect seal even under very high or low pressure. The materials (elastomers) used in O-rings are naturally elastic and want to return to their original shape, so when the pressure stops, they will bounce back to their original position, keeping them sealed and ready for the next cycle. In short, in order to answer the question of what purpose O-rings are used for, they are used to seal liquids or gases and are the most effective way to ensure a solid and reliable seal.

How and where to find O-ring seal?

Because the O-ring is very good at preventing the free flow of liquid and gas, O-ring often appears in mechanical parts and processes, especially in the case of extremely low temperature or pressure. Some applications that have almost certainly come to mind may include engines, boilers, refrigerators and compressors. But O-rings also appear in some surprising places, such as:

Submersible: the O-ring in the submersible is the life-saving part of the respirator. Before each dive, divers check the O-ring on the neck of the tank to make sure it provides a good seal and delivers air to the regulator, not to the sea water.

Dental Implants: in dental implants, fluids need to be kept away from the implants to avoid pain or infection. To do this, they used a biomedical silicone O-ring to form a perfect seal and keep the new teeth safe.

Paintball Shooting: the paintball gun uses compressed air to fire pigment balls at unsuspecting enemies. To keep the air sealed and ensure a strong shot, use O-rings throughout the gun.

Beer Time: if you drink a pint in a bar on your way home from work (we don’t all like it), O-rings help you enjoy and relax. Without the O-ring, it would be impossible to transport beer from the coffin to the tap, or carbonate it to make a delicious bubble snack.