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Membrane Keypads And Membrane Switches

So, they are continuously blending expertise solutions with extra touch of creativity and innovations. The SCHURTER Group is the world’s leading Swiss technology company ensuring clean and safe supply of power, ease of use and sophisticated overall solutions. SCHURTER offers various services that support the design-in work or the cooperation with sales partners.

Lumitex is a patented woven fibre optic sheet found in applications such as LCD backlighting, Membrane switches, and machine vision applications. Higher frequency give a higher light output, however, increased light intensity reduces lifetime. Integration of a light sensor or timer within the circuit to switch the panel on and off can extend the effective life of the panel. Electroluminescent Lighting Panels are sensitive to moisture, humidity, and UV light, so these things need to be factored into the design of the panels. HERION & RAU Fluidtechnik GmbH is synonymous with high-quality pressure switches proudly “Made in Germany”.

membrane panel

In the middle of all these levels is the snap dome, the actual “heart” of the membrane keypad. The snap dome is responsible for the tactile response and of course also for ensuring that the function selected by the user is transferred to the electronics. Different technologies such as Profiline, doming or with illumination make your membrane keypad a technically sophisticated eye-catcher! Size, design and colour can be designed individually by you for all our membrane keypads. Of course, integration of a keypad in our enclosure is one of our added-value services – and many of our standard enclosures are equipped with a membrane area which makes possible flush integration of the individual keypad.

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