SpamMinder is a enterprise grade service that sits between the internet and your mail-servers. With a simple DNS (domain name server) record change, you use our MX (record) servers. Empowering your preexisting mail server/system with SpamMinder’s world class spam filtering and user-friendly web-based administration tools for you and your users.

The Method:

Unfortunately every second, a spammer is born and they get smarter, so do we. We monitor and maintain our systems on a minute to minute basis. Researching and reporting on the global spam trends, and applying this knowledge to better serve our customers. We can detect a particular spam method effecting a few customers, and apply this data and filtering to our entire customer base in seconds. A truely dynamic spam filtering solution, which learns from its users.

The Technology:

For the end user, the process is simple, there is little configuration needed to use SpamMinder. A simple DNS MX record change is all it takes to empower world class spam filtering infront of your already existing mail system. SpamMinder is comprised of clusters of highly tuned mail processing and filtering systems, completely redundant with mulitple failover locations throughout the world.

The Difference:

We are not just a company, we are a highly skilled group of seasoned Internet Service Provider administrators, we know quality and we know how to build an infrastructure. SpamMinder is a completely customized spam filtering solution that has been tested and proven to catch and filter 99% of spam destined to your mail server. We absolutely hate spam, our passion to filter spam is what makes SpamMinder the internet’s most efficient and powerful spam filtering solution.